Ik ben Martijn, software-ontwikkelaar bij DGMR Software, vader van drie bloedjes van kinders, liefhebber van taal, fantasy en science-fiction.

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Mr. Grey(featuring: rough sketch, clean sketch,...

catwithacrown: Mr. Grey
(featuring: rough sketch, clean sketch, and lineart)

“That’s Mr. the Grey, if you please… Good morning to you!”

english-history-trip: tiktoksijustthinkareneat:

Safety inspection in the Mines of Moria.

“Do you have any questions, Mister Ori?”

“… Let the record show that I did leave this report in your hands.”


✨Valentine Contest✨

Last year only one person participated, but that won’t stop me from making my favorite Very Improvisaded and Totally Last Moment* event of the year: Incorrect/funny Valentine Cards contest, Silmarillion edition 💖✨

The rules are simple:

1- Make one funny/incorrect Valentine card, with any Tolkien character (Yes, I said Silmarillion because that’s what I prefer, but LOTR and The Hobbit ones are also welcome).

2- You can submit them here or post them on your blog and tag me so I can share them. You can also just send them privately if you are not comfortable with sharing.

3- You can use any of my art for it, official pictures/illustrations, your own drawings, stick figures or whatever you want as long as you have permission to use it. The visual quality of the card is not actually important, it has to be funny, not pretty.

4- Incorrect means something like these, maybe dark or sexual, but NOT offensive. I don’t think I need to clarify that here, but I just want to make sure.

🏆 Prizes:

I’ll be picking two participants at random, either via some online random picker or by hand.

1st Prize: Either Style 1 Half body Couple or Style 2 Full body Couple commission

2nd Prize: Style 2 full body character or half body couple Commission

Style 1 is the one like my profile picture, Style 2 is the simpler, cartoonish one. Last year winner had a Style 2 Full body Couple

⏰Death line:

Contest ends on Valentine’s Day. You have from now until that day to submit your entries, and the winners will be sorted on the 16th.

Hope I’m not missing anything. If you have any doubts, just ask!

More importantly: Have fun 💖

❣️Thank You ❣️

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